Nocturnal Forest Air

Something`s changed inside of me
It showed me what I didn`t see
The pain I felt subconsciously

All my life I´ve been in
Constant restraint of mind
Always on my shoulders
`Til I realised it was you all the time

Can`t rewind
All this time
But I thrive in your demise
So you will pay the price

I feel the light inside of you dying fast
Ferociously I follow your path
I can smell your despair
Everlasting through nocturnal forest air

You were numb to being kind
Now I´m playing with your mind

All fortune is erased
When you realize what you`ll face

I have no other aim
When there`s noone else to blame
But you, but you
Don`t know what I have been through

Darkness will guide me your way
That`s where souls go to decay
I know, I know
I will haunt you `til you go

`Til you go
On my own
You won`t escape me

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