Hopeless Tragedy

What were you looking for?
You are now the ignored
This war you started
Came right back at you with no remorse

Now that`s what you`re left with
Was this worth the pain?
I would feel sorry
But you don`t deserve it anyway

You thought that you were right
Until that very night
Where you discovered
That you`re the one that`s trapped in this 

Now you want to escape
Shivers go down your spine
As you look back at me
I`m smiling you right in the eye

I feel like you don`t know
That this is for you
It`s my way to say
You`re just annoying me

Why do you still come back?
Acting like you are fine
This hipocrisy is so easy
To see through for me

I know what`s going on
You just feel so alone
That you come back to all the people
You once left behind

I am sick of
This hopeless tragedy
I refuse to waste my time
On things like this

I am sick of
You still surrounding me
Realized that I don`t need you
For my dreams

I am sick of
This tragedy

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